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Project safety goals, Project description, Chemical & Physical Hazards, Plant Emergency Alarm Sounds, Construction Site Emergency Response, Spill Or Release, Site Security Rules, Project Badge, Medical Services, Incident Reporting, General Site Safety Rules, Driving on Site, Prohibited Behaviors, Material or Equipment Pass Out, Minimum PPE Required, Personal Clothing and Jewelry, Housekeeping, Utility Hoses, Work Permit, Pre-task Analysis, Daily Tool-Box Talk, Hot Work, Confined Space Entry, Elevated Work, Scaffolding & Tagging, Portable Ladders, Lifting & Heavy Lifts, Hazardous Material, Securing Compressed Gas Cylinders, Waste Management, Fire Prevention, Radiography, Knife Use, Barricade, At Risk Contractor Program, GULFSTREAM COMMANDMENTS. Prerequisite: Basic Orientation Plus ® or Basic-Refresher, successfully completed within one year of the date of training is required to take this course.
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Course Code: 06DOWGSP
Course Length: 30 mins.

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