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Celanese Clear Lake Safe Work Permit     
Course Information
This course includes the following topics: Safe Work Permit, Safety Concerns Section, Confined Space, Confined Space General Requirements, Confined Space Atmospheric Monitoring, Confined Space Isolation & Other Preventative Measures, Confined Space Responsibilities, Energy Isolation, Energy Isolation – Locks and Tags, Energy Isolation Overview, Hot Work, Hot Work – Preparing the Area & Equipment, Hot Work Safety & Fire Watch Requirements, Hot Work – Safe Work Permit Process, and High Pressure Water Cleaning. If the contractor is going into the Linde portion of the plant, the contact is Jake Leavins 281-474-3118 x111 or Robert Lawson 832-687-5814. *Depending on the scope of work, 19CLPCO or 19CLPS may be required to enter the plant. This course bundles with both the 19CLPCO and 19CLPS. When contractors register for either of the 19CLPCO or 19CLPS courses, the 19CLPSWP course will automatically be registered as well. This sign-off has been updated to reflect the current secondary point of contact.
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Course Code: 19CLPSWP
Course Length: 1 hr. 30 mins.

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