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ExxonMobile Baytown Refinery & Chemical     
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This course includes the following topics: Introduction, General Safety Rules, Personal Protective Equipment, Scaffold User, Safe Work Practices, Baytown Complex Security, Respiratory Protection (BTRF/BTCP), Hearing Conservation (BTRF/BTCP), Fire Prevention (BTRF/BTCP), Emergency Procedures (BTRF/BTCP), Radiation Hazards (BTRF/BTCP), Baytown Complex Hazard Communication, Environmental Procedures, Work Permit System, Sensitive/Critical Equipment, Facility Security Awareness, and Fall Protection Video. Additional Course Notes: 19EMCOMBO tests throughout the course. Students have an opportunity to answer each test question 3 times. As this course tests throughout and has a 100% passing score, when a trainee answers a question incorrectly on their third attempt, they will automatically be failed out of the course at the end of the section. Post fail instructions will remain the same. This sign-off has been updated to reflect the new policies and procedures for ExxonMobil Baytown. Basic Plus/Basic Plus Refresher has been added as an additional training requirement. Also, the secondary point of contact has been updated. Contractors will be scheduled for this course as follows: 19EMCOMBO is for Safety Level 1 or 2
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  Not available for classroom instruction.
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Course Code: 19EMCOMB
Course Length: 1 hr. 30 mins.

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