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Site Requirements: Site-Specific (19EQUMTO) Social Security Verification (19SSV) Basic Plus or Basic Plus Refresher (19BH/19BHREF) NASAP Compliance *LyondellBasell Matagorda Confined Space (19EQCST) and Fire Watch (19FIRE) may be required depending on the contractor's scope of work. Course Description: Introdcution Definitions Responsibilities Locks and Tags Lock-Tag-Try Procedure Unlocking Equipment Test Runs Shift Change Lock Removal Respiratory Requirements: Respirator Training Pulmonary Function Test Fit Test Fit 1: Scott Xcel Half-Face Fit 2: Scott AV 2000 Comfo seal or reg. / AV 2000 Full-Face * Contractors must provide their own respirators. If using LyondellBasell respirators for work (upone approval), the above masks must be tested
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  Not available for classroom instruction.
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Course Code: 19EQUMTO
Course Length: 1 hour

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