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This course covers the following topics: • Definitions • Hand Signals • Rigging Plan o Weight o Capacities o Retaining Control • Hitches o Straight/Vertical o Basket o Chocker o Double Wrap Chocker o Double Wrap Basket o Inverted Basket • Load Share • Center of Gravity • Practice Rigging Plan • Common Sling Materials - Components and Inspections o Wire Rope o Synthetic Flat (Web) o Synthetic Round o Chain • Rigging Hardware and Inspections o Hooks o Shackles o Wedge Sockets o Wire Rope Clips o Eye Bolts • Cranes • Environmental Hazards • Power Lines • General Rigging Safety and Review • Written Exam • Qualified Rigger/Signal Person Hands-on and Evaluation • Rigger/Signal Person Evaluation o Evaluate trainee on rigging inspections, rigging techniques and hand signals • Review evaluation with trainee
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Course Code: 06QRSP
Course Length: 6 hours

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