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• INVISTA Victoria Site Policies and Procedures • Hazard Communication • Cardinal Rules and MBM Principles of INVISTA. Prerequisite: ARSC BOP® or BOP-R® successfully completed within one year of the date of successful completion of this course. Upon entering the INVISTA Victoria site, gate personnel will verify that the entrant has a valid INVISTA Site Specific training taken at a Safety Council or through another vendor. 06INVVTX is not a pre-requisite for BOP® or BOP-R taken to enter the INVISTA Victoria site. IMPORTANT: Trainee should be aware that the ARSC BOP® or BOP-R® should be still be valid within one year of successful completion of the ARSC BOP® or BOP-R® course when the trainee expects to enter the work-site.
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Course Code: 06INVVTX
Course Length: 1 hr. 45 mins.

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