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Formosa Plastics Corporation Permitting for Contractors Phase IV     
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This course includes the following topics: Introduction, Safe Work Permits, General Work Activity, Hot Work Activity, Equipment Opening Activity, Confined Space Activity, Excavation Activity, Interlock Bypass Permit, Job Safety Analysis, General Guidelines, and Vehicle Entry Guidelines. At the customer’s request, the Formosa Plastics Corp. Permitting for Contractors (19FPCPMT) course was made inactive on 9/7/2018, and then made active again on 9/12/2018. In addition, the course name has changed from Permitting for Contractors to Permitting for Contractors – Phase IV, and the 19FPCSWP course has been removed as an additional training Course became inactive March 9, 2021 as per HASC(VH) Additional Course Notes: This course may be given up to two times to achieve a passing grade. If a passing grade is not achieved in two attempts, the employee will not be allowed to re-take the training course for thirty days. This course has been updated to reflect the current permitting procedures for contractors working at Formosa Plastics Corp., thus changing the ‘Course Topics'.
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  Not available for classroom instruction.
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Course Code: 19FPCPMT
Course Length: 1 hour

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