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ExxonMobil Baytown Area Work Permit (BAWP) Crew Member Training     
Course Information
This course includes the following topics: Introduction, Baytown Area Work Permit (BAWP) Site Safety Standard (SSS) 5100, General Permitting Requirements, Tags and Forms Used in the Permitting Process, Control of Hazardous Energy – Lockout/Tagout (LOTO), and Additional Crew Member Responsibilities. The 19BAWPCM course tests throughout, and has 20 questions presented from a bank of 38 questions. Trainees will be given an opportunity to answer each test question 3 times, and the remediation for each test question contains narration. When a trainee answers a question incorrectly on their third attempt, they will automatically be failed out of the course at the end of the section. At the client’s request the expiration of training has changed from annually to every 3 years. The sign-off has been updated to reflect the current points of contact. In addition, the course has been revised throughout and the course topics have been updated to reflect changes made to the ExxonMobil BAWP Site Safety Standard (SSS) 5100.
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  Not available for classroom instruction.
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Course Code: 19BAWPCM
Course Length: 45 mins.

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