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Marathon LAR Safe Work Permit     
Course Information
This CBT provides an overview of the Marathon LAR Permit to Work Process including: Types of work; Task Risk Levels; Steps to complete a job hazard analysis and permit All contract employees are required to have this training in order to receive a badge for entry to the sites. Pre-requisite(s) one of the following courses: Marathon LAR Carson Site Specific Orientation (19LARC) Marathon Refinery Contractor Orientation (19SLAR) Marathon LAR Calciner Contractor Orientation (30TLARCO) Marathon Marine Site Specific (30TMTSS) NOTE: CHANGE IN ACCEPTED PREREQUISITES: After 11/13/2020: The following courses will no longer be available and will be replaced by Marathon Los Angeles Refineries Contractor Safety Orientation (30MLASO) • Tesoro LAR Carson Site Specific Orientation (19TLARC) • Tesoro Refinery Contractor Orientation (19SLAR) • Tesoro LAR Calciner Contractor Orientation (30TLARCO)
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  Not available for classroom instruction.
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Course Code: 30LARSWP
Course Length: 1 hour

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