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Dow Electrical Instructed Person     
Course Information
Electrical Contractors Performing energized electrical work at Dow or below 600 volts on site with restrictions Dow EIP contains the following 15 modules: 04EWPINT, 04EWP-01, 04EWP-10, 04EWP-13, 04EWP-20, 04EWP-20A, 04EWP-20B, 04EWP-21, 04EWP-22, 04EWP-23, 04EWP-30, 04EWP-30A, 04EWP-30B, 04EWP-31, 04EWP-32. Must complete and submit Skill Verification forms - both EIP Skill Verification Form and Arc Flash Suit Demonstration Skills Form - to complete training and obtain code.
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  Not available for classroom instruction.
Course Details
Course Code: 04EIP
Course Length: 30 mins.

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